Licensing School

Equipping disciples for ministry and service through leadership as local pastors.

Licensing School

June 29th – July 9th

Individuals, who are certified candidates in the United Methodist Church, will be prepared to be licensed as Local Pastors through Licensing School. The program provides 80 hours of emersion and education in leading worship, church communication in the 21st century, Stewardship Vision and Mission development for pastoral leaders, preaching, congregational care, and church organization.

We call it church bootcamp because we cover everything we think students will need to know in order to thrive as local pastors.


Click here to download the 2020 registration form

The registration forms can be printed from the link above once registration is available, please circle licensing school when registering. Students must complete licensing school in order to be eligible for course of study.

The DS and also the Annual Conference Local Pastor Registrar’s signatures must be obtained on the form. Mail the completed form to CST.

Completion of Licensing School does not mean that the student will be appointed as a local pastor, however, it is a necessary step in receiving an appointment as a local pastor.

Licensing School Fees

Licensing School fees are $900. Lunch on class days is included. There is also a $25 non-refundable registration and food fee.

This cost does not include housing. Housing expenses and transportation costs must be considered separately, housing will be available for $50 a night on the University of Redlands campus.

Please feel free to contact us about any information you need or concerns you have.
Call or email Rev. Dr. Faith Conklin at 909-447-2595 or

Licensing School Faculty:

Rev. Sam B. Kim

Rev. John Woodall

Rev. Beth Rambikur

Course Work

Requirement: Students need to bring a laptop or tablet computer to class. We require this because some of our work is done online and all assignments are to be submitted electronically.  If you are unable to do this, please contact Beth Rambikur at

Additionally, if you do not have an email address this is the time to create one as all licensing school communications will be done by email and you will need one for course work and faculty communication.

There are several assignments due before class begins and during the Licensing School program. Successful completion of Licensing School will require all assignments to be turned in and completed.

All course requirements will be listed in the welcome letter. For questions about course work please contact Beth Rambikur.

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