Licensing School

Equipping disciples for ministry and service through leadership as local pastors.

Licensing School 2022

The 2022 online session of Licensing School will begin on May 2nd and end on June 6th. Participants who complete and pass the licensing school program will be notified along with their DS on June 9th. Beginning on May 4th participants are required to attend 2-hour weekly zoom class meetings Wednesdays from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm pacific time for practicums, participant presentations, and class discussion. Each week participants will be required to read, watch videos, complete homework, and group assignments, as well as attend class. Please remember this program is the online equivalent of a 10 day 80 hr. residential program, it is A LOT of work, plan accordingly. Participants may spend as many as 20 hrs a week on classes and assignments.

Individuals, who are certified candidates in the United Methodist Church, will be prepared to be licensed as Local Pastors through Licensing School. The program provides 80 hours of education in United Methodist Tradition, Public Worship and Liturgy, Preaching, Leadership/Administration, Spiritual Formation, Educational Ministries, Pastoral Care, Mission and Evangelism, and Conference-specific education. We cover what we think participants will need to know in order to begin their ministry as licensed local pastors.

Because of the online nature of this program, students will need an email address, a free zoom account, adequate access to the internet, access to a computer, laptop, or tablet for writing and submitting papers and quizzes, and a way to record content such as a sermon and worship services that will be uploaded.


The 2022 registration is open please complete both the online enrollment form and the signature and fees form!

The deadline to register is April 28th

Your DS’s signature will be required for registration.

Completion of Licensing School does not mean that you will be appointed as a local pastor, however, it is a necessary step in receiving an appointment as a local pastor.

Licensing School Fees

Licensing School fees are less than previous years, the fee is $900, we must receive your payment before the start of class.

Course Work

Pre-work is due by email to by May 2, 2022.

  1. Self-reflection and ministry goal statement –  One page about your call to ministry, your strengths for ministry in your mission field, your growing edges (where you need to grow and strengthen your abilities) and one goal you have for this year in ministry.
  2. MissionInsite FullInsite Report- MissionInsite is a demographic tool that is used to help you understand your church and surrounding community. Please contact your District Superintendent and inform them that you need a MissionInsite Full Insight Report for the community you will be serving (or the community/church you are currently attending if you have not yet been appointed). Please ask for the FullInsite Report, you will need to read through this in order to do your contextual analysis.
  3. Contextual Analysis 1-3 page description of your ministry context – please describe the church, community, and congregation you are or will be serving.  Questions to consider: what is the age, racial and ethnic makeup, and socio-economic status of your congregation, church, and community.   Who does your church serve?  What kind of worship services do you conduct, what language do you conduct them in?  What kind of ministry are you engaging in?  How would you describe your mission field – the primary people you want to reach through your ministry? Based on what you are reading in your Full Insight report, is there alignment between what your church is offering and who is in your community?
  4. Create a zoom account by going to it is completely free and required for class participation and completion of the Licensing School course this year.
  5. Basecamp intro – this assignment will be emailed to you once you have completed registration.

Required Text Books: These are the required books for licensing school, they are also foundational resources for ministry in The United Methodist Church. Most of them are currently available for free online.

Additional Requirements and Curriculum: The final curriculum is still being developed, please check back here regularly for updates.

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