Introducing the 2023 Course Schedule

November, 2022

Dear Students and Colleagues in Ministry,

Thank you for all your prayers this past year. It’s been a time of learning and transition for all of
us. I’m excited about the new directions that are emerging and am hopeful about our future in
this most important ministry. I’m grateful for your support and encouragement.

Our 2023 Schedule and Classes are posted, and you may begin registering. We’ve also begun to
post the syllabus for each class. Our Winter, Spring and Fall session are all on Zoom. Our
summer session is a Hybrid session of Zoom and in-person classes. During the summer session,
you may register for two classes.

We’ve changed some policies, fees, and procedures. Please take careful note of these as you
complete your forms. You may now use one Registration form for multiple classes. However, there is still a separate registration fee for each class.

The tuition is $350 per class with a $50 non-refundable Registration fee per class.

All fees must be paid two weeks prior to the first day of class to be considered enrolled.

A minimum of 5 students is needed to hold a class.

We’re in the process of researching sites for the Summer session. We’ll post the location as
soon as it’s determined.

If you have any questions or need further information, please text (760-443-9664) or email me

May God support, sustain and surround you with grace. Blessings now and always,


Rev. Dr. Faith J. Conklin

Director, Western Jurisdiction Course of Study


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